99.96% effective in reducing pathogens

Air & Surface Purification

Katmai Oncology is proud to announce implementation of State-Of -The-Art Purification

Our CASPR medical-grade units have been installed througout our medical offices, labs, and most importamtly in our Infusion Centers. . These units provide a powerful level of surface and air disinfection for our healthcare setting. ( .02-.03 PPM of hydrogen peroxide ).

What does the CASPR unit kill?

  • CASPR ™ has been proven to kill MRSA as well as other ESKAPE Pathogens: Enterococus Facium (VRE), Klebsiella Pneumonia, Acinetobactor Baumonii, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, and Enterobacter species. It also kills C-Diff, Aspergillas Niger, and Candida Albicans.

Is the disinfection immediate?

  • The CASPR ™ solution begins to disinfect immediately. It is designed to work effectively in occupied spaces, which are subject to ongoing insults to their environmental surfaces. CASPR Medik™ will decrease bioburden levels continuously and increasingly over time. In lab testing bioburdens of MRSA on surfaces have been reduced by more than 90% in 6 hours and over 99.9% in 24 hours.

Why is Environmental Disinfection important?

  • Environmental Disinfection is the removal, destruction, or deactivation of microorganisms in the air and on surfaces. The ultimate purpose of Environmental Disinfection is to improve caregiver and patient health by reducing reservoirs, where such microorganisms may reside and be transmitted to a nearby host. Environmental Disinfection breaks a link in the chain of infection by eliminating microorganisms on surfaces that can be transmitted to a host. Research has proven that this is a critical strategy in reducing HAIs.